Win for Client in State Contract Bid Protest

Written by Firm | Sep 30, 2014 | Results | Print PDF

The Robbins Firm represented an incumbent provider of telephone services in a multi-million dollar, multi-year state government contract.  With our client’s contract coming to an end, the Georgia Department of Administrative Services bid the contract to our client and six of its competitors in July 2013.   Although our client was not the winning bidder, there were numerous flaws in the bidding process, plus a change in the law affecting the evaluation of bids, that cast serious doubt upon the validity of DOAS’s decision.  Within a week of the decision in May 2014, the Robbins Firm’s team had reviewed thousands of documents related to the bid and prepared a comprehensive appeal brief challenging the bid award.   Four months later, in September 2014, DOAS sided with our client and cancelled the RFP altogether.  Our client continues to provide telephone services to the state under its incumbent contract.

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