Robbins Firm Wins at Summary Judgment in Georgia House of Representatives Qualifications Challenge

Written by Firm | Aug 3, 2018 | Results | Print PDF

In an election law case garnering national media attention, the Robbins Firm recently represented a voter in Fulton County Superior Court challenging the qualifications of a prospective Georgia House of Representatives candidate in House District 29.  The case was on the prospective candidate’s petition for review following an Administrative Law Judge’s earlier decision against her.  Seeking to uphold the ALJ’s decision, Robbins Firm attorneys argued that the Qualifications Clause of the Georgia Constitution requires that a candidate be a Georgia “citizen” for at least two years to hold such office and because she had only recently obtained U.S. citizenship – which is a prerequisite to holding Georgia state citizenship – the prospective candidate failed to satisfy this requirement.  The Court ultimately agreed and granted summary judgment in favor of our client.

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