Firm Successfully Argues for Licensure in Retail Center

Written by Firm | Jan 4, 2016 | Results | Print PDF

Robbins Firm attorneys recently assisted a commercial real estate management client in its efforts to obtain an alcohol license for one of its key tenants in a neighborhood retail center in Forsyth County.  The tenant’s application had been previously denied based on setback requirements set forth under the County’s code of ordinances.  The denial was holding up the client’s ability to timely close on the sale of the retail center, which depended in part on the tenant’s ability to obtain a license to sell alcohol on the premises.  However, the firm presented the County with statutory analysis showing that the tenant did not fall within the relevant setback requirements, and from there collaborated with the County, its attorneys, and a neighboring business in order to reverse the denial and allow the tenant to move forward with the application process.  Doing so permitted the client to successfully close on time. 


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