Firm Secures Judgment Invalidating Annexations by the City of Atlanta

Written by Firm | Sep 10, 2016 | Results | Print PDF

Judge Dempsey of Fulton Superior Court granted a petition to invalidate several annexations by the City of Atlanta filed by Robbins Firm attorneys Josh Belinfante and Kimberly Anderson on behalf of citizens in unincorporated South Fulton County.  Judge Dempsey held an expedited hearing in the case, where he heard testimony from employees from the City of Atlanta concerning these annexations (referred to as the QLS/Danforth annexation, the Cascade Falls annexation, the Cascade Manor annexation, the Northwest Cascade Business Corridor annexation, and the Cottages at Cascade annexation).  Judge Dempsey held that these annexations were untimely under new legislation passed by the General Assembly known as HB 514.  Alternatively, Judge Dempsey held that the annexations did not comply with the annexation laws established under O.C.G.A. § 36-36-30 through 36-36-40.   As a consequence, these annexations are now considered null and void. 

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