Firm Secures Dismissal of all Monetary Claims Against Kevin Rathbun in Partnership Dispute

Written by Firm | Apr 12, 2018 | Results | Print PDF

Today, attorneys Alexa Ross, Heather Sharp, and Dan Monahan secured dismissal of a claim for attorney fees brought against renowned Atlanta chef Kevin Rathbun by his former business partners, Cliff Bramble and Kirk Parks.  These former partners asked the Court (Superior Court of Fulton County) to interpret the parties’ rights under several restaurant related companies’ operating agreements.   Responding to the complaint, the Robbins Firm provided legal authority showing that in cases where the only substantive relief sought is for declaratory relief, there can be no recovery of attorneys’ fees.  The Court agreed, summarily dismissing Bramble’s and Parks’ attorneys’ fees claim and thus removing any monetary claim against Rathbun from the litigation. 

For more information, please contact Alexa Ross, Heather Sharp or Dan Monahan.