Firm Persuades Court to Quash Subpoenas Targeted to Destroy Client’s Business Endeavors and Court Dismisses Bogus Guaranty Claim

Written by Firm | Apr 29, 2014 | Results | Print PDF

Our client, a high-profile commercial developer, was sued by a competitor on an alleged 7-figure “guaranty” that was never reduced to writing or signed.   The competitor subpoenaed 30 of our client’s banking and local government contacts – none of which had any relationship to the guaranty claim. We immediately moved to quash and demonstrated to the Court that the subpoenas were a blatant attempt to hurt our client’s business interests and force him to pay on a guaranty he never gave. The next day, the Court issued an order quashing the subpoenas, directing the plaintiff to deliver it to each and every subpoenaed entity. Soon after, the Court dismissed the guaranty claim.