Firm Obtains Favorable Summary Judgment Ruling in Lawsuit Against Managing Member of LLC

Written by Firm | Nov 12, 2015 | Results | Print PDF

Richard Robbins and Craig Kunkes successfully obtained an order in the Superior Court of Fulton County granting summary judgment on claims of fraud and promissory estoppel asserted against our client.  The opposing party (the plaintiff) allegedly made a loan to an LLC. When the alleged loan was not repaid, the plaintiff sought to recover funds from our client, the managing member of the LLC.  The plaintiff’s claims included breach of personal guaranty, fraud, and two alternative theories of promissory estoppel.  At the summary judgment stage, the Robbins Firm obtained an order dismissing Plaintiff’s claims for fraud and an alternative theory of promissory estoppel. Previously in this lawsuit, we obtained an order dismissing Plaintiff’s claims for breach of a personal guaranty and promissory estoppel.  During the litigation, the Robbins Firm also obtained an order quashing approximately 30 subpoenas served by Plaintiff.   No more claims remain pending against our client.

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