Firm Obtains Dismissal of Voter Registration Lawsuit

Written by Firm | Oct 28, 2014 | Results | Print PDF

We represented a county that was sued by various voter advocacy groups. Our client, along with several other counties and the Georgia Secretary of State, was accused of failing to carry out their legal duty to process voter registration applications prior to November’s statewide election. We filed a motion to dismiss all claims against the client and argued for dismissal at an emergency hearing on the case in Fulton County Superior Court. The Court sided with our client, issuing a fourteen page order finding that “the undisputed evidence shows that the various government officials have carried out their mandatory duties in substantial compliance with the law in processing the registrations.” The Court dismissed the claims against our client in full.

Third Sector Development, Inc. v. Kemp, Civil Action File No. 2014CV252546 (Fulton Cnty. Superior Ct., October 28, 2014).

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