Firm Helps Client Obtain Reversal of Licensing Board Decision

Written by Firm | Jul 12, 2016 | Results | Print PDF

The Robbins Firm recently helped a client overturn a public reprimand from the Georgia Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family Therapists.

The client was a formerly licensed therapist who, upon applying for reinstatement, faced a potential public reprimand for unlicensed practice. The public reprimand was based on the Composite Board’s reading of the client’s reinstatement application, which it asserted showed a continuation of practice following expiration of the client’s license. 

In response, the Firm helped the client clarify key events, leveraging witness accounts and documentary evidence to show that the client’s practice had in fact terminated prior to the license’s expiration. Presented with all the facts, the Composite Board overturned its earlier decision, allowing the client to obtain reinstatement and avoid public reprimand.

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