Firm Defeats Motion to Dismiss on Complex Statute of Limitations Issue

Written by Firm | May 22, 2015 | Results | Print PDF


Robbins Firm attorneys achieved a significant victory for its clients, a leading international company in the microbial and antimicrobial product industry. The company sued its former 750-attorney law firm (based in Chicago and nationally) for malpractice in its handling of the acquisition of a Georgia company. The Robbins Firm won the motion to transfer the case from federal court in Illinois to federal court in Georgia. The defendant’s law firm then moved to dismiss the case, arguing that the Georgia and Illinois statutes of limitation had to be read in a way that rendered the malpractice claim untimely. The Georgia federal court rejected that argument and ruled that the Robbins Firm successfully invoked a “savings” statute unique to Illinois law. Although the savings statute never had been applied in Georgia, the Court found that it indeed did apply, and the motion to dismiss was denied.


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