Court of Appeals Affirms Largest Professional Malpractice Award in 2015

Written by Firm | Nov 15, 2016 | Results | Print PDF

Our firm represented a small business owner who was assessed with severe back taxes and penalties for a defined benefits plan drafted by defendants. Defendants continually assured our client that this defined benefits plan complied with the law, in particular the IRS tax code, and failed to correct the drafting error even though it should have been aware of the error years prior.  While the defense attempted to blame liability on other parties involved – including our clients – a jury agreed that our client should be compensated for this error, and that the third party administrator should bear most of the responsibility for these damages.  The Court of Appeals has now affirmed the jury award, which was the largest professional negligence award in 2015. 

 The Court of Appeals’s opinion may be found at Firmani v. Dar-Court Builders, LLC, Georgia Court of Appeals, Nov. 10, 2016, — S.E. 2d –, 2016 WL 6652262.

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